Keep Taxes Low

Cobb County is one of the lowest taxed counties in the Metro Atlanta area – let’s keep it that way. Government all too often has a spending problem more than a revenue problem. I believe there must be accountability for every taxpayer dollar.

As a businessman, I know how to manage a budget, balance priorities, and be efficient and effective with the funds at hand. This is the same mentality I will take to the Cobb Commission. Fiscally conservative budget principles will ensure that our taxes stay low, and I will keep it that way.

Enhance Public Safety

I served our country for 21 years in the U.S. Army. I donned the uniform in defense of our country, and I have the utmost respect for those who wear it in our community today. Our police officers and first responders deserve competitive compensation for their service. These individuals are the heroes who keep our neighborhoods safe, and we must ensure to retain their services so that other counties won’t take them off our streets.

Fix Traffic Congestion

Everyone experiences the daily headache of traffic during their commute. It is the common reality of living in a metropolitan area, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t seek remedies to alleviate congestion. There are smart and effective solutions that can help in relief. Implementing 21st Century Transportation Solutions will enhance our ability to keep traffic flowing – reducing wait times and getting everyone home faster. Introducing Smart Grid Technology – with better management of traffic signals, assisting in getting our roads ready for Autonomous Vehicles, adding more Turn Lanes and Roundabouts will serve to facilitate quicker travel times and will ease congestion on our roads.

Protecting our Neighborhoods

I will make sure when it comes to land use zoning that the citizens and neighborhoods are first. Collaboration with the community, and all parties involved, is necessary to make to coherent and smart decisions regarding land use. Protecting our existing neighborhoods is key in maintaining our high quality of life.

East Cobb Cityhood

No, I am not in favor of the City of East Cobb. I have concerns about adding another layer of government that most likely will raise taxes for everyone. As your Cobb Commissioner for District 2, I want to keep taxes low and ensure the highest quality of services. Ultimately, this decision will be left up to the voters if they want to incorporate East Cobb (pending approval from the General Assembly).